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We are the most sought-after company for kitchen renovation and remodeling with years of experience and expertise. We cater to all your needs and handle all your requirements with a dedicated team of experts and craft men who work to perfection. We have the best workforce and a team of leading experts in various fields like designing, crafting, creativity, remodeling, fabrication, and renovation.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team at Apex Kitchen and Bath LLC is always ready to help you to fulfill a kitchen of your dreams.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Trust and truthfulness are cornerstones of our work. We try working to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. For this, we follow a set of procedures so that our customers face the least inconvenience because kitchen renovation causes a lot of inconvenience to the family. We at our company give our customers a time frame and follow a set of procedures we are committed to them.

Our Motto: Transparency and Time-Bound Work

To maintain complete transparency, we have a lengthy discussion with them and brief them with the way we are going to work and the time frame is given and we make it sure that work is completed within the given time frame and the procedure is followed.

Our Team and Team Work

We have a dedicated team consisting of expert designers who make excellent customized designs of kitchen and kitchen cabinets according to the requirement of the clients. Then we have very well versed craftsmen who manufacture it to perfection. Our project managers implement the project to the satisfaction of the customers.

Our Timeline for the Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a time-consuming project that causes extreme inconvenience to the people. So we have very meticulously planned our system to cause minimum inconvenience and the least possible time to reduce the stress of our clients. We at Apex Kitchen and Bath LLC are happy to help.

Before Starting the Work (1 to 2 Months):

First and foremost we discuss the timeline of the project with our customers to keep everything transparent. Before we start the practical work our team starts doing its homework months before so that the project can be handled over at the given time.

The customer is introduced to the project manager who briefs them on the services and products we provide. We do not charge for this consultation. This service is complimentary.

Role Played by Personal Design Consultants:

After this comes the role of designers, who analyze the kitchen space and prepare a proper layout in consultation with the family and the materials to be used, and then a timeline is given and it is made sure that the work is completed within that time frame. Next, the design consultant comes into the scene to give the final touches and the project takes off the ground.

Role Played by Project Manager in In-Home Session:

After the selection of the final design, it is passed off to the project manager and the actual work on the ground begins and he starts to take the measurements in consultation with the customer. The work kick starts and it takes fifteen days to almost a month to complete.

Production Work by Custom Cabinets:

While the construction is going on our skilled craftsmen start working on the cabinets. It roughly takes 5 to 7 weeks to finish the customized cabinets.

Demolition Work (3 to 4 Days):

The demolition work takes 3 to 4 days. This is the toughest time for the family, due to noisy and dirty work.

Electrical Layout: After the demolition work is over, the electrical groundwork starts for new lights and electrical appliances, cabinet lightings, etc. This procedure takes between 1 to 2 days.

Flooring Work (1 to 2 Weeks):

Once this is completed, then attention is paid to flooring. In a week’s time, ground electrical work, and flooring is completed.

Cabinet Installation:

While this work is being done, the cabinets are being completed. And it takes less than a week, almost 5 days to install these cabinets, which is a sign of relief for the customers as it shows that the work will be completed soon and they can start using their kitchen, and also the kitchen showing its new shape as the client has imagined.

Finalizing Details:

The electrician again completes the final installation of the outer work of the kitchen like switches and lights etc. This mostly takes a day.

Countertop Fabrication:

After all, this is done then we ask the customers to choose the countertop, our expert guide, and help them to choose according to the cabinet design keeping in mind the customers’ taste. Countertop fabrication and installation take between one week to ten days, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Appliance Installation and Plumbing:

After all, this is done then we ask the customers to choose the countertop, our expert guide, and help them to choose according to the cabinet design keeping in mind the customers’ taste. Countertop fabrication and installation take between one week to ten days, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Finishing Work:

Then the finishing work starts. The tiles are fixed according to the choice of the customer. Fixing and grouting of the tiles take 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the kitchen. The kitchen has taken its desired shape and the satisfaction and relief on the face of the customer are visible.

But the final glow comes only after the painting work is done and final touches are given. It takes a couple of days to finish it and the kitchen is complete.

 Now that the puzzle is solved and everything in place and final inspections done by our teams, plumbers, elections, painters, we call the client to check and inspect every nook and corner of the kitchen and the finishing touches are given according to the instructions of the client and final touch-ups, alignments and finishing work is completed within 2 days.

All this while the work goes on in the kitchen, our laborers and the staff that is working in the renovation are so trained that they keep cleaning the area and throwing away the waste to keep the area clean so that not much inconvenience is caused to the people at home.

And now it is time to hand over the kitchen within the specified period and the client can enjoy the dream kitchen which has been done to perfection. We have at Apex Kitchen and Bath LLC have seen clear satisfaction and happiness in our customer’s faces and the appreciation they have for our work gives us even more vigor and enthusiasm to serve you even better.

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