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Apex Kitchen and bath LLC is a family-owned and operated flooring company located in Robbinsville catering to residential, commercial and industrial venues. We have been delivering premium quality hardwood and laminate floors with authentic craftsmanship for stylish designs and long-lasting durability.

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In today’s world companies have created and provided infinite flooring options for a home. This leads to more discussions and a search on which flooring would be the best option for the living room, the kitchen as well as the bathroom area. In order to help you out in this regard, we have listed down some of the features that should be looked into while selecting the flooring which will help you assist you in finding the right and best-suited flooring for every room in your house.

The kitchen is the central area of an individual’s home and is the liveliest room filled with activities right from morning till you go to bed. It is the area where you create magic with your stove and call up a fantastic meal for your family as well as. Greet every morning with a delicious breakfast. Being the heart of your home, the kitchen flooring should be one that can survive the daily bustling activity.

When it comes to your bathroom, the bathroom flooring that has to be chosen will be different from the ones selected for other rooms in your home. Once the main Requirements in terms of costing, appearance, and reliability are taken care of, one main factor that has to be confronted by you will be the large amounts of water that will be found in one area, which is the basement. if water accumulated in bathrooms, it can damage and spoil the flooring if you have chosen the wrong one.

Points to ponder on before you go to a Flooring Contractor Robbinsville, Trenton, New Jersey

    1. Location of the flooring: One has to be careful while considering the location of the floor. You need to check if it is below-grade, on-grade or above-grade? Basements are more prone to moisture, so the flooring option for a basement may vary from that required for a bedroom located on the second floor.Similarly, the kitchens, as well as the bathrooms, are susceptible to damages humidity and this should be the factor to be focused on in this important proc decision-making.Also, identify if the areas where you would place the flooring will be prone to radiant heat in future or current has it as well. This would help in selecting the flooring, as some materials wouldn’t be compatible with the heat.In addition to the above, ensure you observe the particular space through the entire day. Check if it gets a lot of sun rays directly as the UV rays can lead to fading away or darkening of specific flooring, so select flooring which is resistant.
    2. Measurements: Always ensure to take proper measurements as well as create a drawing (preferably on-scale). Make sure to include doorways, built-in, or any other framework that can possibly change the flow.The flooring contractor can calculate the room’s measurement by multiplying the length by width. If the room’s shape is irregular, you can break up the area into smaller areas and calculate the square foot of every small area and then add it up altogether to get the total area of the room. However, this calculation cannot be relied upon blindly. Always ensure to purchase 10% more material from the flooring store that what you feel is required as this takes care of any errors and bad material pieces. Also, a few extra pieces will always help in case of future repairs. These pieces can be stored in spare carton boxes and placed in an area which doesn’t collect moisture and humidity, for example over a cupboard or under your bed.Once the flooring has been chosen, buy the moldings, accessories, etc which coordinate with the flooring and complete your flooring project.  Identify and look out for t-moldings, reducers, four-in-one molding, maintenance accessories, etc.

Features and benefits of various types of flooring available at our Flooring Store Robbinsville, New Jersey:

Improvement and advancement in technology, as well as manufacturing, has led to infinite flooring alternatives that are better in terms of quality, availability of the choice of multiple colors, a variety of patterns as well as textures in every single material.

Solid Hardwood flooring:

This type of flooring can be sanded as well as refinished, so replacements take a backseat. They are considered to be the best material amongst all types. These floorings add value to a house and can secure you a high price at the time of resale.

Solid Hardwood flooring is available in a lot of colors, finishing and you can scholar the one apt to your style. It also is available in different degrees of durability and is hypoallergenic. These floorings make cleaning them an easy task and one can avoid staining of the carpets.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate wood floorings are quite durable and resistant to scratches. They come with an easy Click-together process of installation which makes the installation a quick and simple task. Laminate Flooring is Low-cost. They are low on maintenance – they can be cleaned easily and are stain-proof. These floorings can be installed above most of the prevailing floors. The flooring won’t fade away under UV rays.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

The thickness of flooring expands as well as contracts much less than the solid hardwood flooring.This enables installation of their flooring on any level in the house, which includes even the basement. A lot of options in terms of colors, finishing, etc. are available. The flooring is less expensive than the solid hardwoods. The installation process is much simpler than the solid hardwood flooring. They can also be installed above concrete slabs. These floorings can also be used in areas prone to radiant heat.

So, decide the kind of flooring you want for kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring. We are there for your help at Apex Kitchen and Bath LLC.


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