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Apex Kitchen & Bath LLC is one of the most revolutionary tile stores in Robbinsville, New Jersey. We believe in providing our customers with the very latest and absolute best in tile design.

Apex Kitchen & Bath LLC proud of being a people-centered tiles company located in Robbinsville, NJ. We offer a splendiferous portfolio of glass, stone, mosaics, metal, subway, marble and wood look tiles in our showroom. We aim to utilize our experience and style to bring your vision to life within your budget. If you are looking to add a luxurious, sophisticated, thoroughly entrancing look to any room, premises in home or office, meet with our design associate in person to get your project started.


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vast collection of high quality tiles, available in traditional, trendy, and many other styles.

Apex Kitchen & Bath LLC is one of the most revolutionary tile stores in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Irrespective of whether you own a vast roomy kitchen which is the most entertaining area of your home, or a tiny space that is just enough room for a single person, a tile floor never fails as the perfect option for the kitchen floor. The kitchen is a room which is used every single day and hence it is necessary to have a floor that is durable as well as easy to clean. Tiles can achieve any style or look be it a modern one or a plain classic look in addition to maintaining the easy care features.

Kitchen accidents and mess are situations we encounter often- be it boiling stew pot or a bowl accidentally dropped on the floor or a spluttering pan that leads to oil stains. Subway tiles come to the rescue in all such situations. They make cleaning an easier process and protect the kitchen area.

At Apex Kitchen and Bath LLC, we offer a different kind of tiles so that you can select the one that suits your requirements:

  1. Subway Tile:

Irrespective of where these tiles are placed, be it the walls or the backsplash or the floors, the subway tile’s best feature is that the tile can be easily wiped clean. The Subway Tile is quite flexible and enables you to find ways to coordinate as well as contrast them with your home decor be it cupboards, cabinets or counters.

These tile accents are trendy as well as classic. The subway tile is the perfect option for a kitchen. The look of the kitchen can be kept fresh as well as original by using a bright color, or a rare pattern or a grout look. The best feature about Subway Tile Accent is the various ways of installing them- A neutral color if installed in a unique pattern creates a style statement.

  1. Tile Mosaics:

Mosaics are preferably used as backsplash tiles as they are created of smaller tiles, which are simply apt for this space, but they can be used to even accentuate a whole wall. Other materials such as glass pieces, bits of marble and ceramic, and other materials, can be used in mosaics to add a dash of color, sparkle to the kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Backsplash Tiles:

Backsplash tiles are not just functional by protecting the walls from oil splashes and liquid gravy spills, but these tiles are quite trendy as well. It acts like a piece of jewelry to the kitchen, by adding that bit of shine that finishes the look of the kitchen. One can get as creative as you can with the kitchen backsplash while also protecting the area near the sink, countertops, etc. At our Tile Store, you can find a variety of options in mosaics ranging from glass to textured and metal tiles, which would portray your individual style.

  1. Wood Look Tiles:

Wood Look Tiles are quite popular and this style is just achieving momentum.  This is because one can attain any wood look which you desire, be it on the floor or on the wall, in traditional or a modern style by using very reliable, durable and flexible ceramic and porcelain tiles.

  1. Marble Tiles:

Marble tiles give the room an elegant and sophisticated look. Marble supersedes all other tiles for flooring due to its cool and exquisite nature. It is readily available at our Tile Shop in many colors as well as contrasting veins that could give a  unique finish and look to the room. Marble Tiles come in various finishes- polished finish, honed finish, brushed finish and tumbled finish. A combination of either similar or different marble finishes will create a unique design and revamp your room which will leave all your guests awestruck.

  1. Glass Tile:

Glass Tiles could be used in designing either a patterned or a simple plain backsplash in your kitchen or the bathroom. On the technical as well as physical parameters, Glass tiles are quite superior to the others. Glass tiles are more durable, more solid and more resistant to moisture.

  1. Metal Tile:

Metal tiles are modern and sleep that are perfect for whom who wish to have a sophisticated look for the interior of your house. You may select for different kind of metallic tones to have an opulent look. You may opt for simple square, classic grid design, thin brushed strips or mosaic rounds, metal tiles are perfect for every corner of your house. You may select them for the kitchen, bathroom or fireplaces.

  1. Stone Tiles:

Stone Tiles bring in the opulence and Earthy feel to your home. You Earthy and rich, our travertine tile brings timeless brilliance to your home. You will get spoilt with a choice as stone tiles come in varied patterns and designs. You may select from herringbone, hex or versatile patterns for bigger rooms. Also, the color range is immense to add color to your home as you desire.

Give us a call to discuss your tile requirements and the design of your home. We will suggest you the optimum tile which will go with the decor of your home.


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